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Lock and load

It’s time to see what you’re really made of, people!

The Armoury

MP5 Stinger

The world’s best-selling laser tag weapon, the MP5 STINGER was designed with help from Special Forces operatives. It has a realistic weight and feel which allows for quick targeting and reaction time in laser tag combat.

  • Range in daylight: 750 feet.
  • Range at night: 1200 feet.
  • Scope: 30mm red dot.
  • Muzzle flash: red or blue

XM-7 Skinny

Designed for close-quarters action, the XM-7 Skinny is small laser tag weapon that has a big impact. Commonly mistaken for an Uzi, this weapon allows younger combatants to compete equally with those using larger weapons.

  • Range in daylight: 150 feet.
  • Range at night: 200 feet.
  • Scope: 30mm red dot.
  • Muzzle flash: red or blue.

M4 Sniper Rifle

This is the workhorse of the US military and our laser tag replica has the same weight, height and feel of the real M4. It comes complete with a bi-pod to stabilise the weapon for sniper-like shots.

  • Range in daylight: 750 feet.
  • Range at night: 1200 feet.
  • Scope: optical.
  • Muzzle flash: red or blue.

MP5 Stealth

As the big brother of the MP5 Singer, the Stealth adds M4-style magazine which give younger players an enhanced experience. All of which makes the MP5 Stealth the best of both worlds.

  • Range in daylight: 750 feet.
  • Range at night: 1200 feet.
  • Scope: 30mm red dot.

AK 47 Assault Rifle

The AK 47 is the world’s most iconic assault rifle. It was brought into use by the Soviet Armed Forces following WW2 and just like the real version, the laser tag weapon is light, powerful and has a high rate of fire. This weapon is perfect for aggressive attacking and fierce defending.

  • Range in daylight: 750 feet.
  • Range at night: 1200 feet.
  • Scope: 40mm red dot.

M2 .50-Calibre Machine Gun

The M2 .50 Cal is the ultimate battlefield weapon. Designed for base defence, this piece of hardware makes it almost impossible to penetrate any base.

  • Range in daylight: 750 feet.
  • Range at night: 1200 feet.
  • Scope: iron sights.

The missions

At Battlezone Laser we’ve created enough different missions to make a 5-star general’s head spin!

From ‘Sniper Elite’ to ‘Team Domination’, every 45-minute mission is played out in the formidable setting of our awe-inspiring, battle-scarred Arena, and any age group can take part. Don’t forget you can have more than one mission per session, so mix them up, attack then defend and give yourself a taste of every kind of action.

Capture the flag

This is a mission that involves teamwork, skill and fast reactions. Stop the enemy capturing the flag located at your base while you try to seize theirs to win the game.

Protect HQ

This is a game that will test your ability to think as well as fight. Your mission is to defend headquarters from an onslaught of enemy attacks, so be prepared to dig in deep. Successfully protect the base and victory will be yours.

Team Domination

This is battle at its most awesome as your team goes head to head with the enemy to record the most kills and respawns within the time limit. It’s going to take guts, teamwork and sharp thinking to win - but you can do it!


Put your skills and nerve to the test as you protect the VIP from taking damage while you escort them to the safe zone. You’ll be defending as well as attacking in this game, so be sure you’ve got your wits about you.

Seek and destroy

Using teamwork and strategy your team must plant an IED (improvised explosive device) while the enemy tries to locate and disarm it before it explodes. It’s time to keep your cool - and try not to lose your head!

Sniper Elite

They’re out there somewhere - a small group of players armed with high-power sniper rifles, hiding in the prefect vantage point. Your mission is to take them out without being hit yourself. So keep your head down and your eyes open - this game requires nerves of steel.

The Lone Wolf

Put your individual skills to the test as you strive to become the lone wolf - the last player to be shot. At the start of this mission one player is selected as the hunter, and each wolf they hit becomes a hunter too. As the numbers start to stack up against you, it gets harder and harder to be the last man or woman standing.

The Great Escape

Get ready for all hell to break loose as prisoners of war and their guards battle it out for supremacy. As a POW you must find ammunition and fight off the guards to get to freedom. As a guard it’s your job to stop the enemy from escaping - at all costs.

Def Con 5

This game is top secret BATTLE ZONE LASER are unable to release any further details at this time.

The Heroes

The Battlezone Laser Veterans Hall of Fame

You’ve done battle, but did you make it to our Heroes gallery?

Check back here to see if your face has appeared among the elite of hardened warriors who have given their all in the quest for victory.

To those already here - we salute you!

The terrain

This is where it all kicks off!

Amid the smoke, noise and confusion of the battlefield you’ll clamber, hide, stalk and charge through 15,000 sq ft of war-torn buildings, wrecked vehicles and all manner of obstacles to complete your mission.

But don’t stop to draw breath, the enemy are waiting out there in an industrial landscape that’s littered with opportunities to hunt and also become the hunted. Set on two mind-blowing storeys, this is an environment where nerves must be tamed and courage has to be summoned if you are to stand a chance of victory.