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Let battle commence

The ultimate laser tag arena is open for action 03.05.2014

In The Zone

To become a hero here you’ll need to use all your wits and skills against a determined foe. You’ll need to employ cunning strategies and pull together as a tight-knit team of élite die-hards. You’ll need to be fearless and cunning as you seek to defeat your enemy’s intrepid forces.

The action all takes place in The Arena itself, and this cool, sprawling, industrial setting with its heavy-duty obstacles, abandoned vehicles and warren of passageways, provides a shoot-out atmosphere like no other. In it you can immerse yourself in battles such as ‘Seek and Destroy’, ‘The Great Escape’, ‘Lone Wolf’ and many, many more - every one designed to make this an experience that will literally take your breath away.

It’s all safe, fun and family-friendly. So believe us when we say it’s the most unforgettable place you can ever be wearing camouflage!

The Arena

You’ve played the games - now live them for real

This is The Arena - a war-torn, steel and concrete, post-apocalyptic field of operations covering two storeys and a gargantuan 15,000 sq ft. And this is your battlefield. This is where it all happens.

Here you will encounter a mind-boggling maze of abandoned offices & vehicles, sniper vantage points and a potential ambush around every corner. It’s a chaotic, haunting, hair-raising urban battle arena where anything can and will happen.

So be sure to have your wits about you every second you’re in The Arena, as just one mistake, one false move could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

The Canteen

Because they say an army marches on its stomach

Whether you’re competing or watching, there’s nothing like the thrill of battle to work up an appetite.

So in our cool, atmospheric Canteen you can order up anything from a mouthwatering gourmet burger or a delicious slice of handmade pizza, to a cool, crisp beer or a steaming cup of aromatic coffee. Whatever you want, you can be sure it’s been prepared with the freshest ingredients and to the very highest of standards.

Open all day, every day to everybody, the Canteen also features a comfortable licensed bar and a surveillance area where you can watch all the battle action unfold live on large-screen TVs.


Latitude: 54.938760
Longitude: -1.621100
Gateshead, North East England. UK.

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Located at the northern end of the Team Valley Trading Estate, Battlezone Laser is quick and easy to access from the centre of town by car or public transport, with ample car parking space available on-site.

Vital location intel

  • Located on Third Avenue, just off Kingsway on the Team Valley.
  • 2.5 miles from Gateshead Metro Station and Town Centre.
  • 3 miles from Newcastle City Centre.
  • 3 miles from Metro Centre, Gateshead.

Getting here by bus

  • Frequent service provided by the 93/94 ‘Loop’ which runs from Gateshead.
  • Runs approximately every 15 mins, 7 days a week.
  • Nearest bus stop is  on Kingsway, just around the corner from Battlezone Laser.

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Is there an age restriction for The Arena?

No - all ages from rookies aged 6 right through to veterans of 106 are welcome to join up.

Can I make sure other people in The Arena are the same age as my party?

Roger that. When you book you’ll be asked for the age of your party and be offered only the relevant session times. This ensures your party will only take part in sessions where people of a similar age are involved or mixed where you have made the appropriate selection.

What’s the minimum number of people that can book?

There is no minimum number for bookings. You can enrol just yourself or a whole platoon into any session available to your age range.

What should I wear?

Strictly closed-in shoes, preferably sports shoes, and definitely not sandals! You’ll be provided with camouflage coveralls and a camouflage helmet. What you wear under them is entirely up to you!

Are the laser guns safe?

Yes, absolutely. Our equipment fires a harmless infra-red beam, similar to the kind in your TV remote control, which tags sensors to detect when you’ve been ‘hit’. As infrared is on the safe side of the visible spectrum all our equipment is totally eye safe, so there are no special protective requirements. Better still, being ‘hit’ by the beam is completely painless and there’s no mess either.

Are refreshments available at the venue?

Yes, sir! The Canteen fits right in with the ambience of Battlezone Laser and serves a wide range of delicious snacks and meals, all freshly made using quality ingredients. There’s even a licensed bar where you adults can relax over a beer or two.

Is there on-site parking?

Yes, for cars, motorcycles, bicycles and the odd tank, should you happen to have one.

How long does each mission last?

Missions themselves have a 45-minute duration. However, including briefing and changing your session will last a total of 1hr15 minutes.